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    SilverBlood replied to the topic Re: Project MTv2: New Site Name in the forums.
    kmonmoy wrote:

    LOL... I take the word OTAKU as a positive sense, which represents our love for anime, LN, VN, etc. As for NEET, I don't like the idea. Being an OTAKU does not mean you have to be a NEET. Most people thinks that all OTAKU are NEET, I disagree. I'm an OTAKU and I have a proper job. I love Anime, but I don't disagree with reality.

    So, leaving this discussion, any other suggestion for the name? I suggest:


    Both domains are available

    well otaku in terms usually linked to anime but not completely its more of a general or collective term after all their are numerous types of otaku. like train, dolls ,guns...etc

    on another note which loli are u talking about


    ****.sukebe.us (**** insert anime/manga/hentai...etc if u don't mind the intonation )

    812 days ago
    SilverBlood replied to the topic Re: Project MTv2: New Site Name in the forums.

    anime.colle.mt or anime.collection.mt



    cant really think of much
    813 days ago
    SilverBlood replied to the topic Re: Project MTv2: New Site Name in the forums.
    uniqueness can be a good key to new website as i have said before it does not need to be genshiken. but i suggest that we refrain from using the terms "Anime, Manga, VN, Hentai, Dorama" directly on the name too much of a give away and easy target for crawlers.

    besides as every one knows of Minitheatre as a brand, i was their when this site started from a single blog type with black background to joomla extension and to what it is now. if anything i would also suggest that we keep the letter MT as a homage to what it has contributed besides a couple of letters is really much on a web crawler or flag. but if anything i would like to consider what the encoders think as they are the ones responsible for sharing those goodies.

    Toshokan-Gekijou MT (theatre library MT) or ToGeKiMt.
    816 days ago
    SilverBlood replied to the topic Re: Project MTv2: New Site Name in the forums.
    LOL 5 years after my sudden draft/Enlistment and departure from MT and so many things have happened when i am finally back i am totally lost

    i have a suggestion if u wish to make a new one without having to be flagged make the new name by removing the anime, otaku, or other parts but use a collective term for all of them like genshiken(The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture) well it really depends on u guys plus i am back to being a leecher or just abreviate your choice.

    example MiniAniColle. mini anime collections then make a mascot by using your site name like mi-tan or mia-chan (it would be great if u guys have some good illustrators to make a chibi character or logo) plus it seems that the extension can also be used
    like MiniANiColle.Db or MiniAniColle.MT
    818 days ago
    htt91 and bahaa112001 are now friends
    997 days ago
    htt91 replied to the topic Re: Is The Downloading Truly Free in the forums.
    DragonEmperorDragneel wrote:
    Is downloading anime here truly free? I must confirm this.

    Thats such a cute post honestly.

    It is completely free though if u feel like helping the site feel free to Donate or maybe contribute by learning how to encode from the Guides and Encoding section in forums.
    1136 days ago
    htt91 replied to the topic Re: devil_ninja92 Re-encodes List+ Support Thread in the forums.
    Some of the adfly links in Sword Art Online listing giving 404 not found errors. Not even the deadfly sites can crack them :\

    Listing -

    1146 days ago

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