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    executor_117 created a new topic Spring 2017 Anime Reservation Thread in the forums.
    Date: 20 March 2017, 18:00:00 (GMT/UTC)
    - Reservation will takes place on -

    MiniTheatre Reservation Forum Thread
    You need to register to participate in the reservation there. Use the same username as in MT.

    Not in use for current Reservation, thus any reservation done there is considered invalid.
    [email protected] chatango
    Backup for MT Reservation chatango (old)

    All reservation list will be updated on both forum.

    Spring 2017 Anime Chart v2 (2017.02.27)
    See alternative links in case chart doesn't load. LQ chart (5.3MB) used to reduce loading time & bandwidth.
    Original Chart: PNG v2 (17.3MB)
    Source: Neregate (Other version of the chart available here)
    Alternative Source 1: Stargazed Charts (N/A)
    Alternative Source 2: AniChart.net
    Alternative Source 3: LiveChart.me

    MyAnimeList Spring 2017 Preview (N/A)
    MyAnimeList Spring 2017 Anime (Seasonal View)

    This thread is dedicated for Spring 2017 Anime Reservation only.

    Reservation FAQ
    I. What is Reservation Thread?
    - New Anime were aired in Japan are usually based on one cour, usually 3 months of every season airs about 10-14 episodes.
    - For Ongoing TV Anime/ONA, each title get a new listing in mtHD category only. mtSD reservations are dropped.
    - For OVA/OAD, each titles get a new listings in mtSD & mtHD category.
    - In order to distribute the titles equally in an organized manner so that not only encoders, but also the members are aware of who is encoding the respective title belonging to respective category.

    II. Why do you reserve?
    - MiniTheatre has shared listings.
    [spoilerlight]Reserving a listing is a responsibility. Of course, there is no such rule that you have to complete encoding a reserved title.
    But I will mention that reserving a title or submitting any listing for that matter does entitle the respective author to maintain the listing until it is mentioned dropped in the status.
    Therefore, make sure you "don't bite more than you can chew & finish the food served on your plate."
    So it is up to the encoders if they decide to add their encodes to an already reserved listing & it is also their decision whether or not they see through the decision till the end.

    - About side encoders, members should PM the listing owner to add their links. It is advised that they preferably choose other listings, if one listing already has four encoders.

    III. Who can participate in Reservation?
    - Since normal members don't have author status to submit new listings, you are suggested to PM the QC members or submit your encode.
    - Once a member has an author status, there is no requirement to reserve. Anyone & everyone is allowed.
    Current MT staff
    Quality Checking Hub

    IV. How do you reserve?
    - If a title is stated such as below, it is open for reservation.
    * not striked out (entitled for listing owner)
    * has no encoder name besides it (entitled for listing owner)
    * has no side-encoder name with full slot [3/3] occupied (available for side-encoding)
    - Mention the 5 titles of either category you want to reserve in the order of their priority.
    - Backup titles can also be added in case you don't get any of the first 5 titles you mentioned & the preference will be given to the first five in order they are posted.
    - DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST once you've made your reservation. Post a new reply if you want to mention something or reserve again.
    - If you do edit, all the titles in your edited post are revoked, and once again be free for reservation.

    V. When & what do you reserve?
    Each reservation will have a limit of 5 titles belonging to either category based
    There will be two reservations:
    - The First Reservation will open on 20 March 2016, 18:00:00 (GMT/UTC) encoders participate in the a reservation where you can reserve 5 titles of any category.
    - The Second Reservation shall open exactly 5 days after the First Reservation, which is on 25 March 2017, 18:00:00 (GMT/UTC) with the limit of another/extra 5 titles of either category.
    - If there are still titles remaining after 10 days, it will be open seasons (limit lifted).
    - Only those titles that have MAL ID will be available for reservation. (Link to MyAnimeList Anime (Seasonal View) provided above.)

    VI. Additional rules & FAQ
    - Full HD (1080p) will be allowed for anime which released in FHD.
    - Some anime which released with irregular resolution (e.g: cropped black border) and its resolution higher than HD (1280x720) is considered as FHD.
    - Encoder are allowed to create listing separate from HD listing.
    - Everyone can put their re-encodes once the season is over.

    VII. QC & File Size
    - Encoder's are free to use any settings as long as it passes the Quality Checking and the average size is below 130MB for 720p, 200MB for 1080p, 576p = 115 MB, SD below 576p = 100MB.
    - Although, for some series which has too much CGI, it's hard to maintain the file size. The file size rule is flexible & debatable in these special cases.
    - You can consult with QC members for each of the case above.

    Everyone should go through the entire thread about the updated info so staff don't have to keep on PM'ing members.
    Read before submitting a listing

    You can use this plugin developed by Shinchiro/Merithyn for Chrome/Firefox browser to fill up the listing information.
    Listing Submitter plugin updates

    It is advised that encoders use http://www.nyaa.se/ for the source, since nyaa has a good policy for them.
    About ONAs, make sure that it is subbed by a proper source & fansubs, and not Youtube subs.

    *All rules above are subject to change

    Extra Info on Fansubs
    The Fansub Database - Spring 2017
    Fansub.co | Spring 2017

    Previous Anime Reservation Thread
    *Some post in the thread are missing

    Reservation Thread - iker

    Spring 2013 Anime Reservation Thread (N/A)
    Summer 2013 Anime Reservation Thread (N/A)
    Fall 2013 Anime Reservation Thread (N/A)
    Winter 2013-14 Anime Reservation Thread - hitanshu_conman

    Spring 2014 Anime Reservation Thread - D-JPois0n
    Summer 2014 Anime Reservation Thread - D-JPois0n
    Fall 2014 Anime Reservation Thread - LioleiaLynx
    Winter 2014-15 Anime Reservation Thread - LioleiaLynx/executor_117

    Spring 2015 Anime Reservation Thread - executor_117
    Summer 2015 Anime Reservation Thread - executor_117
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    Spring 2016 Anime Reservation Thread - executor_117
    Summer 2016 Anime Reservation Thread - executor_117
    Fall 2016 Anime Reservation Thread - executor_117
    Winter 2016-17 Anime Reservation Thread - executor_117

    List of Titles
    *All anime below are subject to change
    *To be update

    *To be update
    Special mtSD
    Special mtHD
    OVA mtSD
    OVA mtHD

    48 days ago


    Genshiken 2 links dead. Any way of getting it uploaded again?
    Thursday, 29 August 2013 06:51