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    You are here: Dorama Movies A Man Who Was Superman
    Last Updated ( Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 01:53 AM ) by BloodAche

    A Man Who Was Superman [K Movie]

    • Movie: A Man who was Superman / If I Were Superman
    • Hangul: 슈퍼맨이었던 사나이
    • Revised romanization: Superman ieotdeon sanai
    • Director: Yoon-Chul Jeong
    • Assistant Director: Lee Jeong-Ho
    • Writer: Yoon-Chul Jeong
    • Producer: Joo-sung Kim
    • Cinematographer: Young-hwan Choi
    • Release Date: Janaury 31, 2008
    • Production Budget: US$ 4.1M
    • Runtime: 102 min.
    • Movie Studio: CJ Entertainment
    • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
    • Language: Korean
    • Country: South Korea

    Producer SONG Soo-jung has been producing new-wave human-interest documentaries for the past three years at a television station—and she is sick and tired of wringing fake tears and emotions that tug at sympathy. She quits, saying she would rather film unsympathetic African lions, and takes one of the station’s cameras in exchange for her overdue paychecks. However, the Africa shoot is suddenly cancelled and on top of that she gets the camera stolen. It’s then that a man in a Hawaiian shirt chases the thief and recovers the camera for her, later claiming to be Superman. He cannot use his superpowers, however, because villains have put Cryptonite inside his head.
    As Superman devotes himself to doing small, good deeds—such as punishing a flasher lurking near an all girls’ high school and finding lost dogs for their owners—he also does strange things like standing on his hands while claiming he is pushing the earth away from the sun because the polar cap is melting. Soo-jung decides to use the slightly mad but endearing man as the subject for her next documentary show. As usual, she fabricates touching moments and turns them into a program called, "Save the Earth, Superman!" She ends up with a ratings winner.
    After a night of celebration, Soo-jung struggles with a hangover at home when Superman suddenly appears right before her eyes. He claims that the truth must be told and takes her to a manhole where he claims there are monsters. The sewer reeks with rot and filth, and of course there are no beasts in sight, but Superman injures his head and Soo-jung ends up taking him to a hospital. Soo-jung discovers there really is something inside his head when she sees his x-rays, and decides to continue covering his story....

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